Major League Hacking 2021 Hackathon Season

Build the Future at Garuda Hacks.

Garuda Hacks, powered by Blibli, is a global 36-hour virtual hackathon where the world's greatest talents will compete to solve the world's most pressing challenges using technology.

Win various prizes, receive certificates, and get prioritized job applications at Indonesia's top technology companies.

Free and open to everyone all over the globe.

Held virtually, 14 - 16 August 2020

Open to both Indonesian citizens and non-citizens.

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What's Happening at Garuda Hacks?

Note: Schedule is shown on your computer timezone

Build your dream project.

Garuda Hacks challenges your creativity, innovation, and skills by facilitating an immersive environment for innovators!

Participants will receive free access to various premium tools and softwares to help build their project.
Free domain name
Digital Ocean
Free $50 cloud credits
Free business tier access
Free access to Wolfram|One
Free 90-days wireframing software trial

Learn from experts.

With professionals from the tech industry as our guest-speakers, our workshops will open new channels and expand your knowledge.

Participate in workshops covering topics such as software engineering, product design, to startups.

Win prizes and get recruited.

Rise to the top and win various prizes like money, a pitching session with Silicon Valley investors, a spot in a startup accelerator, and many more.

Winners will also stand a chance to receive a prioritized job application process to Indonesia's top technology companies.
Hiring Partners
Blibli Logo
Wahyoo Logo
Alon Grinshpoon
Chief Executive Officer of echoAR
Michael Dihardja
Chief Technology Officer of Wahyoo
Cory Levy
Entrepreneur & Investor
Founder of First Text
David Bromberg
Partner at OpenWater VC
Howard Li
Venture Capitalist at RAVV VC
Jorge Ferreiro
Software Engineer at Eventbrite | ex-Amazon
Joey Bronner
Software Engineer at SAP
Scott Sunarto
Director & Founder of Garuda Hacks
... and many more
At Garuda Hacks, we believe in creating an inclusive, accessible, and conducive creative space. All Garuda Hacks participants are expected to abide to Major League Hacking (MLH) Code of Conduct to help create a positive hackathon experience.

Choose Your Project Track!

At Garuda Hacks, we strive to solve Indonesia's most pressing issues.
This year, Garuda Hacks will focus on tackling...


Although not all of us are medical professionals, we can still find additional ways to empower health care workers and support the Indonesian medical industry through innovative ways.

How can we:

  • Help parts of Indonesia with rampant poverty that still deal with the lack of access to medical services
  • Provide easy access to the ever-changing updates in the healthcare system
  • Play our part to support health care workers on the front lines
  • Improve the Indonesian health care system in general
  • ... and many more.


Easy access to good quality education is crucial in Indonesia. There is still so much space to improve the educational system through technology and programming.

How can we:

  • Create innovative channels to boost educational services online
  • Build digital study aids and online learning materials to help students all over Indonesia
  • Bring accessibility at hand!
  • ... and many more.

Small Business

Starting a business is never easy, especially in our rapidly changing economy. Through the use of technological platforms, current and future Indonesian businesses can make use of online platforms for growth, efficiency, and productivity.

How can we:

  • Expand this? Think about small businesses, growing enterprises.
  • Increase our economic prosperity through technology
  • Boost Indonesia’s standard of living
  • Empower small Indonesian businesses and uplift the overall economy
  • ... and many more.


No hackathon event is complete without the prizes to recognize your hard work!

Stand a chance to win cash, a pitching session with Silicon Valley investors, an invitation from startup accelerator programs, and many more.

Best Health Project

Team cash prize: $500

- $250 Digital Ocean Cloud Credits

Each team member will receive:
- 1 year of Jetbrains All Products Pack
- 1 year of 1Password Families
- 1 year of Pro
- 4 months of Cloudsploit Standard service
- $100 worth of Bugsee credits

Best Education Project

Team cash prize: $500

- $250 Digital Ocean Cloud Credits

Each team member will receive:
- 1 year of Jetbrains All Products Pack
- 1 year of 1Password Families
- 1 year of Pro
- 4 months of Cloudsploit Standard service
- $100 worth of Bugsee credits

Best Small Business Project

Team cash prize: $500

- $250 Digital Ocean Cloud Credits

Each team member will receive:
- 1 year of Jetbrains All Products Pack
- 1 year of 1Password Families
- 1 year of Pro
- 4 months of Cloudsploit Standard service
- $100 worth of Bugsee credits

Best Pre-university Hack

Only for high school students and younger.

- $250 Digital Ocean Cloud Credits

Each team member will receive:
- HyperX Alloy Core RGB Membrane Keyboard
- 1 year of 1Password Families

Best Beginner Hackers

Our best team of beginners will take home arduino starter kits to continue hacking on at future events.

Teams must be at least 50% first time hackers to be eligible.

Most Awesomely Useless Hack

The most useless, silly, and creative hack will take home arduino starter kits too!

First Text Office Hour

Winners will be invited to attend a First Text office hour with top Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors.

Previous First Text mentors includes:
- Jawed Karim (Co-founder of YouTube)
- Steve Huffman (Co-founder of Reddit)
- For more information, visit

OpenWater Accelerator

Suitable projects will be invited by OpenWater Accelerator to join their next program batch.

Accepted projects will receive:
- A dedicated team of engineers, designers, and growth hackers.
- $125.000 in cloud credits.

VC Pitching Session

Selected and eligible projects will be invited to pitch to venture capitalists (VC) from Silicon Valley to stand a chance for pre-seed/seed funding.

Best Use of

Awarded to the best project using Bubble's No-Code/Visual Programming Platform (

- 2x JBL Speakers

Each team member will receive:
- $1000 Bubble Credits

Best Use of echoAR

- $50 Amazon Gift Card
- 1 month of echoAR Business Tier access
- A feature in echoAR's newsletter (sent to investors and AR/VR ecosystem)

Best UiPath Automation Hack

Build an automation hack using UiPath!

Each winning team member will receive a UiPath Branded Backpack.

Best use of Microsoft Azure

Leverage all of the amazing services available on Microsoft Azure in your hack this weekend to win security keys for you and your team.

The Wolfram Award

- Award letter from Wolfram Alpha
- 1 year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition
- 1 year of Wolfram|Alpha Pro

Script Foundation Award

Awarded to the best projects in 10 different categories. Winners will receive a digital certificate from Script Foundation.

... and many more to be announced

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot of questions, so check below for some of the most common questions we’ve received.

For further questions, you may also contact us at [email protected]

A hackathon is a programming competition in which competitors use technology to build innovative projects within 36 hours. There will be opportunities to win cool prizes, learn from our key-note speakers, and network with our sponsors.
Garuda Hacks will be hosted on August 14-16, 2020, completely virtually. All you need is to create a Slack account to communicate with our Garuda Hacks community.
Everyone can participate! We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about Hackathons, programming, and the tech industry to join Garuda Hacks!
Nope! You can learn along the way or team up with experienced programmers. Skills such as designing, business planning, and etc are all going to impact the projects in various ways!
Attendees must abide by the Major League Hacking (MLH) Code of Conduct. We want to respect each other and keep Garuda Hacks a safe environment for all participants.
You can apply as an individual or as a team (up to 4 participants max). If in any case, you are looking for team members, you can form teams with other participating hackers at the beginning of our event. Don’t worry, we will help you pair up with other hackers!
Nothing at all!
You must submit your project’s video demonstration through Devpost. Additionally, it is optional for you to submit your project’s live website too.
We welcome all software and hardware hacks that align with our tracks.